Our Why?

We believe founders are heroes. They spend 18 hours a day, 7 days a week building a product that needs to exist. They spend themselves to solve real problems for real people, and assume an irrational amount of personal and professional risk to do it. Therefore, we are relentlessly committed to providing founders what they need to win.


We are a dedicated team of startup experts that have a passion for helping and supporting startups. Our objective is to change the game and make building a Startup an exercise of discipline, not of futility.

  • Jack Porter
    Founder and Managing Director
  • Nandu Nandakumar
  • Casey Bankord
    Founder Coach
  • Becky Medina
    Director of Products
  • Massiel Scheibner
    Founder Evangelist
  • David Rolston


2470 First Street, Suite 200
Livermore, California

Ph: 925-456-4317