Trying to get a sophisticated Angel Investor to invest in your startup before it is fundable is a lesson in futility. Today, only the top 10-15% of the companies are getting funded. We help Founders get into that top 15% and then we introduce them to top Angels.

Founders' Secrets

Founders’ Secrets is a free 3 hour Webinar that provides a 50,000 foot view of the startup process. It includes an overview of the four stages of the startup lifecycle: Discovery, Validation, Efficiency, and Scale. It also explains the “game theory” of attracting top angel investors and what is required to secure a Series Seed investment.



The way you establish your company from the beginning can be the determining factor of whether your company is fundable or not. Literally. In Founder’s Secrets, We give step-by-step instruction how to do this correctly, and protect founders and early investors.



You get a high-level overview of the stages of every startup and the milestones you must accomplish within a certain time frame in order be fundable. This methodology is built on extensive research and peer comparison.



There is growing competition for angel investments. Learn how to position yourself, and your company, for a coordinated, productive path toward angel funding.



Composing a complete, rounded team is as important as building a great product. A great team is what pours fuel on the fire. In Founder’s Secrets, you learn about the strategy to build the right founding team.


Founder's Boot Camp

A 4-day getaway with some of the best startup minds in the valley. You bring your product, your team, and your vision, and we equip you with the most up to date startup thinking and methodology available.

FASTtrack Accelerator

Each month, Forward Accelerator accepts a “team” of five early stage web-based companies into our six-month FASTtrack accelerator program. Through intense, special coaching and mentoring, we guide Founders from the formation of their companies through the close of their Angel Investments. We facilitate fundraising through introductions to investors and by leading the rounds for select startups through our own fund. By the end of the program, every team should have developed their market leadership position, refined their pitch, built investor relationships, and closed their angel investments.

Angel Forum

At Angel Forum, each Founder gets the opportunity to pitch to top Super Angels from around the Bay Area. Investors have the privileged opportunity to hear from vetted, groomed founders who have graduated from the rigorous FastTrack program, and are ready for their first round of angel funding.